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Spring in Bloom: Discover Exquisite French Cuisine and Sakura Afternoon Tea


The beautiful blossoming of Sakura in Spring coincides with FAUCHON L’Hotel Kyoto’s 3rd anniversary and heralds the release of our Spring menu.

The hotel will begin utilising the aptly named, ‘Millennium Water’ extracted from an on-site water well. Look forward to new epicurean experiences as Kyoto’s naturally occurring mineral water becomes a key ingredient in the hotel’s culinary endeavours, including soup stocks and tea brewing.

In celebration,  FAUCHON’s signature Apple Tea will be served alongside the Sakura Afternoon Tea service beginning April 1, 2024.


With its authentic French Cuisine, the Grand Café FAUCHON’s Spring menu has utilised a carefully curated selection of locally sourced ingredients.  Enjoy a freshly prepared course menu while taking in the incredible view of the Higashiyama Mountain Range and the historic landmarks that line it.


Further continuing from last year, FAUCHON L’Hotel Kyoto will be presenting an Easter Egg Hunt, an exciting way to enjoy the classic Holiday event FAUCHON style.


The Hotel’s Signature Motif, the Japanese Cherry Blossom, found throughout the Hotel, is a chance to stimulate your senses through taste and culture this Spring.

*The Fauchon L’Hotel Kyoto ‘Millennium Water’ is the name for the water from the underground well on site.