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Fauchon Hotel Kyoto




Auguste Fauchon opened his first gourmet food shop in Paris in 1886, and for more than a century now, the Fauchon brand has been synonymous with the finest quality ingredients available at its many restaurants, cafes, catering venues, and retail boutiques around the world.

The Fauchon evolution continues today with an ongoing quest to innovate something new, delicious, and brilliant, and thus the brand was inspired to house all Fauchon products and culinary experiences under one roof: Fauchon L'Hotel. The goal is to enable locals and travelers alike to indulge in everything Fauchon at any time of the day or night.

Talented chefs create unforgettable culinary experiences using carefully selected ingredients delivered fresh that morning.

And now the Fauchon L'Hotel Kyoto will provide a magnificent stage to showcase French gastronomy with Japanese twists and offer a truly extraordinary moment of delivery to those who demand perfection.

Fauchon meets Kyoto

Fauchon meets Kyoto

Paris and Kyoto: Linked By Culture And Tradition

Kyoto is a city focused on tradition, art, and culture, which has developed a sophisticated palate for food inspired by many cross-cultural exchanges. Therefore, it was only natural Fauchon Hospitality chose Kyoto as the destination for its second hotel.

Come to the Fauchon L'Hotel Kyoto for exquisite moments of Fauchon's culinary brilliance and experience them with every one of your senses.

Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Fauchon’s bright pink is used as an accent color against the muted color palette for the elegant, yet casual chlc guest rooms.
Every attention has been paid to the amenities which are specially designed by Fauchon for your comfort.
The iconic in-room Gourmet Bar is filled with premier Fauchon gourmet goodies, which are complimentary for you to savor throughout your stay.

Gourmet Hotel



From the main street, passersby will welcome the site of the bright pink Fauchon Patisserie & Boutique. Marvel at the jewel-like pastries and colorful macarons in the showcase. Fauchon's luxurious gourmet indulgences. Enjoy a cup of tea while watching the world go by. You can also take away those carefully selected gourmet boutique of Fauchon to home.



Walk up the impressive grand staircase from the hotel lobby to the Salon De The. Enjoy afternoon tea with  a refined and elegant atmosphire where you can discover a delicate way to Fauchon's tea master to blends the teas to match to accompany different afternoon tea treats. Savor the masterpiece of pastry made by Chef Patissier.



Come celebrate GLAM Hours in the lounge adjacent to the Kawaramachi-dori where wrapped in evening dusk until the night begins. This is the place for you to relax and cherish the brief magic hours with Fauchon original champagine in hand.



Enjoy an ever-evolving panorama of the spectacular Higashiyama. With an elegant spatial design, The Grand Cafe Fauchon becomes a dining destination which instantly brings you inside the world of Fauchon. Experience a captivating presentation by the chef as he displays contemporary French cuisine. Welcome to an amazing culinary experience designed exclusively by Fauchon.

Gourmet BarImage Only

Gourmet Bar

Our iconic “Gourmet Bar” has become famous for its reinvention of the hotel minibar. This is a legendary way for Fauchon to demonstrate our commitment to providing guests with luxurious gourmet indulgences and pleasures of the palate through a very artistic, curated, original, unexpected moment.

As attractive as it is functional, this stunning piece of furniture enables incomparable gratification. Within the many doors and drawers, guests can enjoy unique moments of pure decadence as they seek and savor favorite Fauchon delicacies whenever they feel like it.
Bon appetit!

Macarons of the dayImage Only

Macarons of the day

Fauchon is famous for the Macaron, a true delicacy of the house of Fauchon, and always an opportunity for us to experiment and create new flavors. Be sure to try the Macaron of the day and savor an incredible moment of brilliance.

As a domaine of gourmet pleasures, Fauchon L’Hotel Kyoto embodies gourmet specialties and amazing flavors throughout your stay.
From the main street to come inside and to marvel at the jewel-like pastries and colorful macarons in the showcase.
Indulge while guests arriving for check-in are greeted with a Fauchon pastry and welcome tea.
Our iconic “Gourmet Bar” has become famous for its reinvention of the hotel minibar.
Guests can enjoy favorite Fauchon delicacies whenever they feel like it.
Savor an amazing bite as the “Macaron of the Day” flavors change daily, while at The Grand Café Fauchon on the top floor,
our chefs prepare gourmet cuisine with amazing local ingredients in Fauchon’s innovative style.
Fauchon L’Hotel Kyoto and The Grand Café Fauchon will become Kyoto’s top new dining destination to tantalize all of your senses.



Come indulge yourself and spend blissful time at "Le Spa Fauchon", the World's first spa named after Fauchon. The best spa by Japanese and Parisian beauty specialists.

Le Spa Fauchon offers a wide range of body, facial and scrub treatments with voluptuous fragrances and rich textures. The spa experience is incorporated into the concept of "FAUCHON Meets Kyoto. Feel Paris." through various details.

Product development and supervision is a joint development between Credo International Co., Ltd. and KOS PARIS which is the first time, landing in Japan. KOS PARIS was born out of a passion for rare plants, cultivated in an environmentally sustainable manner and that have proven effective when used in skin cares. Most of the ingredients come from organic agriculture and we wish you to enjoy the original oil of Fauchon that awaken your senses.

The guest room amenities are exclusively created for Fauchon Hotel Kyoto. We invite you to live a precious moment, in your bathroom with the luxurious fragrance of Fauchon.